The Most Powerful Training an Agent Can Get


Real Estate Training Today is an incredible system of training for agents. It is offered to a Brokerage for the benefit of the agents and the Brokerage.  In other words, it is up to the Brokerage to hire us, and together we develop an in-house training system second to none. Our Courses build on what the Brokerage has been doing successfully, and our Courses take agents to higher levels of productivity, income, and fulfillment.

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As you can see from our Courses, we offer many specific training topics that are extremely relevant today. These topics go deep into rich content to help agents practice what they learn as quickly as possible. In fact, our training goes much deeper than any other Courses on the market.

The training continues at the Brokerage so agents are guided and mentored for months (some plans continue for a year). There is so much depth to these topics, agents really need ongoing training to become the top producers they have always wanted to be. You will not get the depth and breadth of some of these Courses at Ivy League Universities. A degree in marketing or technology at Harvard will not teach you some of the things you will learn in these Courses.

For those who are already top producers, several key Courses will leverage their current success to multiply their income yet again. The motivation of our Chief Instructor, Chuck Marunde, is not to ask the little questions, such as, “How can I increase my gross commissions by 25% this next calendar year?” Instead, Chuck teaches agents to ask much more exciting questions, such as, “How can I double and triple my income in the next 12 to 24 months?” Having increased his own income 15 times over in the past 8 years, Chuck doesn’t teach theory: he teaches what actually works.

To answer these kinds of powerful questions, you must know how to develop a personalized business model that suits your education, gifts, passions, and goals. And then you’ve got to have the knowledge to implement your business plan. But that’s not enough. You’ve got to know which tools and technologies to use, and you must know exactly how to use them together synergistically to create your perfect business and the most powerful business model you’ve ever had. Less than 1% of agents in the U.S. know how to do all of this. That’s why this Training for Today was created.

A Broker/Owner who would like to take his Brokerage to the next level and beyond will need to make an appointment with Chuck Marunde, 360-775-5424, to discuss the right Plan for the Brokerage and all the agents. The cost of the training will be based on the Brokerage’s needs and how deep the Brokerage wants to go to increase business and income.

Chuck travels to the Brokerage for training once a week with all the agents. There are a host of options for the Brokerage. The brokerage that understands the value of training and motivating agents will totally get the value offered here. That brokerage will substantially increase it’s income.

Learn more about our Chief Instructor’s qualifications at: Real Estate Training Instructor