Take Your Brokerage to the Next Level

What if we could motivate your agents in an exciting new way? What if we could light a fire under them so their sales increased by 40% or more over the next 12 to 24 months?

What is it we do? We bring our training into your brokerage once a week (or as scheduled), and motivate and train your agents to take their business to levels they didn’t even think possible. The teaching and training is far more effective than the generic seminars on motivation, technology, and marketing. You’ll find that out in the first free one hour seminar we do for you.

What you won’t find on this public site is a detailed outline of what is taught in each course. This training is not only far ahead of what is taught by your competition, but we do not want to hand it to your competition on a silver platter. In addition, this training is brought into your brokerage in your conference room and not taught at public seminars.

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Powerful Training

Imagine training that is 10 times as powerful as the watered down and limited training you get at a continue ed seminar. Imagine training beyond the short-term motivational seminars.

If you can imagine all that, you are getting closer to understanding what we do for your brokerage. You’ve done a great job building your brokerage, and teaching your agents the systems you have in place. Your brokerage has a CRM in place, marketing videos and training, websites available, and lead generation systems. What is so great about Real Estate Training for Today?

We build on what you have already done well, and we take training in our key Courses to levels that will catapult your motivated agents to entirely new levels. This is training that you as a broker/owner do not have time to do in-house, and it brings a level of expertise to your brokerage that will both excite and motivate.

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Focused and Targeted Training

No time is wasted on irrelevant topics that do not contribute to an agent’s success.

Every Course is focused intensely on helping agents increase their success in that area of their business in dramatic ways. We have no interest in small or incremental improvement. Life is too short to fool around.

We are focused on what works, and we only teach what is extremely effective. Lesser techniques and systems that do not produce substantial results are left for other seminars or other venues. This teaching is fanatically focused on each agent’s success, which translates to greater volume for a brokerage.

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Recruiting and Friendships

What if word got out that your brokerage offers the best training by far, and actually helps agents to succeed big time? 

Recruiting is hard, but not if your brokerage is where the action is, and especially if the action involves training agents to leave their competition behind and make a lot more money using technology and the Internet.

First, agents are going to talk to other agents, and they will recruit for you without even trying. Second, with this kind of training, you can appeal to a whole new generation who love technology and the Internet. What this training does for this new generation of Realtors is to connect the dots with real estate experience and new methods of marketing and lead generation. But it does much more than that. It helps you recruit them.

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Training for Today

The entire real estate industry has been changing, and old ways of thinking are dead. Not only do agents need to think differently, they need a new kind of training and mentoring to compete in these fast moving times.

We bring rich content with deep real estate knowledge, incredible experience in technology, vast marketing knowledge, and we show agents exactly how to use all of this together.

Why Choose Us

  • In-House Training
  • Builds on Your Own Training
  • National Experts in All Subjects
  • Customized Ongoing Training
  • Includes Mentoring

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