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Why is this training so important?

The traditional bricks and mortar brokerage business model is dead. To survive and thrive, brokers must bridge the gap to the new world of marketing, which involves rapidly evolving technologies. At the same time, sales and marketing principles that always work must be integrated with a new approach. Brokers need to equip themselves, and that’s what this training does.

What's different about this training?

This training grew out of one broker’s success in building one of the most efficient virtual brokerages in the Northwest. His research led him to develop the most powerful and effective marketing tools available today. He kept tweaking the tools and how they integrated with each other, and his passion now is to share this success with other brokers.

Would we have to abandon our Franchise model?

Absolutely not. The goal is to increase commissions, and there are a variety of ways to do that successfully. This training takes nothing away from what you are currently doing that is successful, but it does add the most powerful tools you can use today, and it helps you adapt your business for the future.

How long does this training last?

This is weekly training in person conducted at your brokerage, and it last as long as your broker/owner wants it to continue, which can be weeks, months, or more than a year.

How can this training go on for months?

The Courses can go very deep, depending on the interest level. For example, learning to blog involves many sessions, including the mechanics of setting up a blog, how to select topics, how to write, how to optimize articles, how to use photos, how to optimize photos, how to promote a blog, how to design and program navigation, how to use the psychology of colors, and much more. Each Course can go as deep as brokers want to go to take their business far beyond the competition .

Who hires you to train at our brokerage?

Your broker/owner hires us. This is not individual training. It is training conducted at your brokerage in a group setting in your conference room. All of the agents/brokers at your company can attend, and while it is group teaching, it is very customized for the needs, and very personalized with one-on-one interaction.

How much does this training cost?

The cost of this training is based on the teaching and training developed for your brokerage. Your broker/owner and our Chief Instructor will have a series of meetings to identify the needs and develop a master plan of courses. The cost is worked out between your broker/owner and our company.

Do you offer an introductory session so we can decide if we want the training?

Yes. Our Chief Instructor will come to your brokerage and do a minimum one hour introductory session, which will include a synopsis of some of the courses, how they can dramatically generate more business. If you’re not excited about this training, no obligation.

Who should our broker/owner contact to arrange training?

Our Chief Instructor is Chuck Marunde. He can be contacted by email or telephone: and 360-775-5424.

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