Chuck Marunde on 3D Virtual Tours

Chuck MarundeChuck Marunde is a professional photographer and videographer. He has been the personal photographer for two famous athletes and has over three decades of photographic work. Combined with his three decades in real estate, including 20 years as a real estate attorney, his professional writing (10 books and thousands of real estate articles), his technical know how having built several dozen successful real estate sites, and as the founder of one of the most successful virtual brokerages in the Northwest, Chuck is uniquely qualified to know exactly what buyers want and need when they search for homes on the Internet. Chuck’s intense research for the past 10 years has shown him precisely how buyers think when they are searching online, and what and how they prefer to navigate the Internet. It has also shown him what kind of photographs and virtual tours they prefer most. This new 3D virtual tour technology is exactly what buyers want, and Chuck knows how to create them and deliver them to qualified buyers.


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