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What if you used technology and the Internet, combined with traditional marketing to create the most powerful business you’ve ever had? What if you leveraged yourself as if there were three of you working 24/7? Would that get you excited?

Learn One-on-One from a Master

The fastest way to learn the secrets of top producers and the smartest people in real estate is to find one and hire him or her. When you find that person, hire them immediately. We help you do that.

(Technology & Internet Training) x 100

Isn’t it time you got past generic seminars? Isn’t it time you you found out exactly what you need to do to make more money in your business at your brokerage? And isn’t it time you found someone who knows exactly what to do and how to do it?


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Chuck Marunde takes real estate training to entirely new levels. The depth of his knowledge is what makes this training so powerful, but he also has an intuitive sense for what works and what doesn’t work, but even that clearly comes from years of intensive experience (and I learned a lot of trial and error and money).

Jessica White

This may sound like a contradiction, but this training is both incredibly intensive while at the same time being inspiring and fun. But it is challenging, and it definitely pushes a person to massive personal improvement.

John Dawson

I needed to get unstuck and also wanted to finally get some leverage in Internet marketing and branding myself. Wow! This personal training in a room with Chuck is life changing.

Mary Springs